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Making sure you have the right number for you and your business is very important, it could mean the difference between no calls and a lot of calls. Free to phone numbers are the ideal way of getting that exciting influx of new customers. Being free to call from landlines your customers can easily call to get information and talk to you in order to obtain knowledge of your business, of you and your products.

800 numbers are the free to phone number for companies and exist all over the world. From 1800, 866, 855 in the USA to 0800 numbers in the UK, Germany and Holland; it's a very popular number and very easy to obtain. City Numbers recommend that these numbers are generally considered to be the fore front of customer promotion due to their cheap nature and recognised number throughout the world.

There are some costs for free to phone numbers across the world and this normally includes a monthly fee, a set-up fee and a pence per minute charge for the call divert. Some countries include a mobile surcharge in order to incorporate the costs from the callers mobile phone, making it free for them to call on a mobile phone, but costing you (the freephone owner) a little more per call.
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