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Some History

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Freephone services first appeared within the UK and then took off seven years later in the US. Since then it has remodelled telecommunications within the corporate world and so helped businesses advertised their popularity and size.

A free to dial service can also be used to help customers easily remember your contact number. In North America they take this to the next level by requesting specific numbers to spell out a word. These are called vanity numbers. The letters represent the number they appear on the dialling buttons. For example, you may wish to spell out something relative to your company such as 1800-GEN-INFO which would be dialled as 1800-436-4636 as we all know, a phone word is easier to remember than a numerical one.

In the UK general Freephone numbers are applicable when dialling from a landline however, the majority of mobile networks apply a charge to the caller so be sure to do your research on rates before dialling from your mobile phone.